Temple run game

Looking for developers for temple run game kinda concept. All assets and storyboard storyline will be provided. Your input will also be helpful in making this game a success.

Please reply me here or mail me at

Thank you.

Will you be needing 3d animators for your project ?

Well the character is rigged and already done to low poly… But I might need story board writers to make bit strips to convey the story which might give it a different element then animating it out

Is the goal just a concept / minimal viable product or are you saying the concept is similar to Temple Run and you’re looking to have it fully developed? Just for clarification really.


The concept is similar to temple run and I’m looking for it to be fully developed

Thank you Dasiho, and we are looking for team to produce music and sound effects. I will definitely keep you in the books and shortlist after reviewing all the entries.
Currently still looking for a Dev for this game.