Temple Of Yog-Sothoth Part 1

Temple Of Yog-Sothoth Part 1](
Dark corners of madness Ready-to-play environment pack from Lepozhdian inspired by H.P. Lovecraft


**Temple Of Yog-Sothoth Part 1


This is the another part of the dark collection. A set of assets for creating dark mood game scenes and environments. The set includes static meshes, decals, particles and post-processing. All assets are completely ready to play, with optimized collisions, LODs and materials.

Technical Details

  • PBR Material: BaseColor, Normal, Mask ARM (AmbientOcclusion, Roughness, Metallic)
  • Modular Kit

Number of Unique Meshes: 65
Collision: Yes, Automatically Generated
Vertex Count: 4 to 7494
LODs: Yes, 3 LOD, Automatically Generated (Optimized)
Number of Materials: 6
Material Instances: 47
Number of Textures: 155
Texture Resolutions: 256 to 4096
Supported Development Platforms: PC Windows (Tested platform is Windows, but it should work on others)

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