Temple Delve: My First C++ Project


After quite a while, a little ashamed it took this long but no matter, I finally finished my first start to finish project!

Made using C++, with some blueprint functionality when more practical, it is fairly simple as it is a first project. I would think to myself “Right, I should add hazards, enemies that move more erratically…” and so on, but as people say, it’s best to keep it simple, especially as it’s the first piece of work.

I learned much in the process of making it, including using blender to make environment assets, as I couldn’t find everything I needed. I made all the environment assets, aside from the grass in the main menu.

I also needed to change direction early on, for better performance and simplicity, as the first direction I was going through had optimization issues, and too much empty space.

I hope this is only the start of my journey, and I could work with other developers on bigger, nicer projects!


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