[TEMPLATE] The Ultimate TPS/FPS Template

I’ve posted this thread on the Marketplace section too, but at the moment I think this is the best section for show you my template.

Hi friends! :smiley:
Today I submitted this template and now I hope Epic approves it :rolleyes:

In the meantime you can buy it on:

  • Sellfy (Accept Paypal): https://sellfy.com/p/qLkM
  • Gumroad (Doesn’t Accept Paypal): https://gum.co/TUTFT
    You’ll get one zip file containing an Unreal Engine 4 Project. It’s a good start for your commercial or non-profit video games.

This is what you get:

  • Blueprints with many comments.
  • Optimized settings for fullscreen at any resolution.
  • Fade-in + Fade-out.
  • HUD [UMG]: Health, Crosshair, Weapons with Ammo Counter, Collectables Counter, Timer, Record.
  • Pickup Weapons.
  • Pickup Ammo.
  • Pickup Collectables.
  • Switch Weapons - 2 Modes:
    —[1] Mouse Wheel Up/Down (Sequential Switch - ALL Weapons)
    —[2] Press Weapons Group Number N Times (Switch Inside Group)
    —+] Save the last selected weapon of every Weapons Group.
  • Switch TPS/FPS.
  • Switch TPS Side.
  • Selective Fire - 3 Modes:
    —[1] One Round
    —[2] Three-round Burst
    —[3] Full Automatic
  • Health/Damage System.
  • Save/Load System.
  • Slow Motion.
  • Grenade Launcher.
  • Destructible Mesh.
  • 4 Menus:
    —[1] Pause
    —[2] End Game
    —[3] End Level (Game Over)
    —[4] Main
    —+] Animated Screen Loading.

Of course you can move the weapon socket from the head to wherever you want. I’ve placed the weapons on the head for a better demonstration.

In the video above Weapon 10 and Weapon 12 have the same bullets because I used an Ammo 10 variable for the Weapon 12. Now it’s fixed

Since this is an item submitted to the marketplace, it would be best to keep the discussion all in one thread, therefore I will close this one but encourage anyone looking for more info on this item to see the following thread:


Thank you. :slight_smile: