Template TDChar doesn´t respond to input with custom meshes

Hi I just started using UE4, and am currently building a game with the topdown template. but each time I try to get the char moving within my own meshes (see pic below) it refuses to move. I have tried creating a Navmeshboundsvolume and altering the max simplification error & agent radius, but nothing seems to work.

If anyone knows how to get it working, that´d be great since I am stuck.

Thanks in advance

  • Lukas

And so far the only things I did change to the camera are making it orto and changing the distance & rotation to fit my needs better. And with those changes it works normally on just the terrain.

I got it working, it seems that the auto generated collision blocked any input. After I set the collision for the meshes to complex as simple it worked. Since some of the meshes use multiple objects.