Template sequence mapping Translations from sub-Component to root

Hi all,

I’m trying to use a Template Sequence to do simple 2-door animations without going the skeletal mesh animation route.

Following this doc:

I have a BP_Door object that consists of Static Mesh Objects - a door frame, and two doors. The doors are children of the BP root, not the frame.

I create the Template Sequence as per docs, and set my BP_Door class as the mapped base class.
I add a track for the Door1 Static Mesh Component.
I add a Translation Track to Door1.
I set the sequence length to 45 frames @ 30fps.
I set an initial key at the first frame in the currently closed position, then scrub to the end and set a Translation->Rotation key with 90 degrees of rotation to open the door.

Visually, this works perfectly on the Spawnable version of the door when I scrub the timeline marker back and forth. Save the Template Sequence. Close Sequencer, the Spawnable disappears.

In my BP_Door blueprint, in response to an OnActivate custom event when the player clicks a door object, I Create Template Sequence Player initializing with the TS_DoorOpen sequence I just made, then call Set Binding with the real actor of BP_Door being activated in scene. Finally, I call Play.

What happens is the rotation of the door is played on the root node of the whole door - so the doorframe and both doors rotate 90 degrees.

This feels like sub-component bindings and/or tracks are being confused somehow. I looked for a way to specify bindings manually, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

Is this a bug (I realize it’s a beta plugin) or am I doing something wrong? Missing a binding step?

Did some more experimentation. I believe it’s a bug. Any Translation keyframes applied to Static Mesh Object sub-components are all directly applied to the scene root instead of the track parent object, in effect summing all track’s movements.

I tried adding explicit transform tracks and keyframes at both ends to objects that aren’t supposed to move, and they still rotate.

I tried different combinations of parenting hierarchies in the scene, nothing makes a difference.

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