Template - RTS Style Camera Movement With Edge Scrolling

A while ago I created a tutorial on how to create and RTS Style Camera Movement with Edge Scrolling. This tutorial seems very popular. Yesterday (2nd Dec) I ended up reopening the projected files. After playing with the controls I have an idea to improve it. Today, I present to you a download that can be installed as a project template.

You can find the download link on my blog, instructions on how to install the project as a template are also include in the download zip. Just read the “read me”.

Download Location!

So whats in this template?

When you create a new project using the template you will get 4 blueprints and a default map (used to set the GameMode). The 4 blueprints are GameMode, Player Pawn, Player Controller & a HUD blueprint.

The blueprints are set up to allow the player to move using ASWD (configurable) as well as edge scrolling. The speed in which the player edge scrolls is based on the mouses cursors distance from the center of the screen. This means the closer to the edge of the screen the cursor is the faster they player will move (Includes a configurable in the HUD BP to set a constant move speed). Other controls include rotating the camera by holding the right mouse button and move the mouse, as well as a zoom feature using the wheel on a mouse.

I’ve tried to annotate the blueprints so they can be used as a means of learning but more work is required to explain everything well enough. If you have any sections of the blueprints you would like more explanation for just let me know. :slight_smile:

Happy deving.

Thanks for this gift omw to look at it and learn ^^

Thank you very much, you are a life saver! Can we use this for our own projects, open source or commercial use?
thank you!

Yes MOAVGproductions you can use it for your own projects. I made it into a template so people such as yourself can use it as a starting point to build upon. :slight_smile: You can use it in commercial projects as well. If your feeling nice a smalls thanks in the creds wouldn’t go a miss. :stuck_out_tongue:

Super Awesome this is a nice RTS asset. Is there a place that has been put together for RTS stuff?

Thank you for template, but i have a problem. Rotation stops working after either RMB/LMB click. Meaning i can only rotate once or not at all - if i start with LMB. And that’s in editor. Doesn’t work at all in standalone. What can be the problem?

I have this problem too. I don’t suppose you’ve found the problem?

I tried your project and the edge scrolling seems to not work for me (i’m on the 4.14)