[Template] Free mobile TPS template for beginners

Hi guys. Today I took the default third person template and slapped a few extras, like:

Swipe to look/aim, left stick to move controls.

Very basic weapons system(all done inside character BP instead of separate blueprints).

Different animations depending on weapon held.

Aim offsets blending with the lower body(only for assault rifle and grenade launcher, because I can only use free stuff).

Very basic UMG buttons setup.

Enemy health bars(far from perfect :)).

Save game setup for saving your highest score in a file on your PC/phone.

Loading from save game file when the game starts.

Waves of zombies who try to eat your brain.

Doing/taking damage and dying.

A single shot hit scan weapon setup (pistol).

An automatic hit scan weapon setup (rifle).

A weapon with aoe damage (launcher).

Some steps taken inside project settings, to reduce the APK file size.

The things I listed above are the things I struggled the most when I started, and the hardest to find tutorials for. I hope this helps!

You can find the download link in a video description here: Unreal Engine 4 FREE MobileTPS template - YouTube


Downloading now will check it out!

Let me know if you have any questions or issues.

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Looking good. Going to try it out.

Thanks , its going to be helpful .

Nice share mate :slight_smile: