Tempest Productions is looking to add a Level Designer to its development team.

A level designer is needed to sculpt, condition and help populate the world map for our near future, multiplayer, open world, survivor project, Extinction Event: Nanite Apocalypse™.

As we approached an Alpha testing phase, to better conserve system resources, we decided to move from one large world map to a world map comprised of 16 streaming tiles. These tiles, unlike our previous world, are presently unsculpted and vacant. As murphy would have it the lead designer we’ve relied on for more than a year has had matters come up which are hindering his ability to rebuild what we’ve had and move forward to alpha.

The successful candidate must be capable of sculpting and texturing the landscape, painting the mountains, and adding the waterways (oceans, lakes and rivers) and adding roadways, using either our existing marketplace assets, our custom made assets, or creating his/her own as needed.

Alpha testing, mainly to work out any bugs in our existing systems (inventory, base building, custom bindings, crafting, AI, etc.), has been delayed waiting for the world to repopulate. We would like to be back on track for testing sometime in early May; meaning having two of the 16 tiles ready enough to provide promotional screenshots as well as video of our product.

To join our team as a level designer the successful candidate must have:

  • A solid computer with reasonably fast internet access
  • Proficiency in UE4, Blender, Maya, and/or Substance Painter is necessary.
  • As we are spread out across the globe, regularly, daily (or nearly so) communication is critical (available mediums: website visitation, Facebook, Skype, Teamspeak, Email)
  • The ability and desire to consistently do what you say when you say you will do it
  • The willingness and ability to run and use P4 client for team collaboration

Tempest Productions works on a signed agreement, royalty basis. All terms are listed in that agreement and we sign (commit) to the terms as well as you before anyone begins working.

Contact me through this posting if interested or email me directly at


Thanks for the solid responses to this advertisement. While a decision is pending on the level designer position we are always interested in talented people (various artists, coders, BP, marketing, etc.) that can help us bring this project to market. Again thanks for the interest and we will welcome all applicants still wanting consideration.