Temp particles on high lvl dinos?

Short version; How can I get a dino’s level?

The goal is to create an item you can use that will give you “hunter’s awareness”, the ability to easily spot high level dinos. I don’t want to edit and relink every dino, nor do I want to do a total conversion. While digging around I noticed buffs have ‘AOEApply Other Buff on Dinos’. I decided to poke at that a bit so I created a new item that when used triggered a buff which then triggered a buff on surrounding dinos that added a particle effect. I then started playing around with the event graph of the buff to have it only activate the particles if the dino was over a certain level. I got it to only activate if the dino passes an ‘Is Dead’ check, but I have no clue how to get the dino’s level.

While browsing around to try and get an idea or figure out if it’s even possible, I found Joan’s Pet Finder. That mod can apply particles to selective dinos, so it seems possible. I noticed BaseBearTrap in the mod’s files. I also noticed “Faster searching algorithm” in the mod’s change notes, so however it did it is probably well beyond my capabilities.

Hey KoreRekon,

It is possible, but not specifically with levels currently from the digging I did in the ADK on this. These are the only two nodes that I would see being applicable in your exact intended uses; Screenshot - 1b755d8bfcea5c54cd8ae2f1dc0cfa1e - Gyazo

Directly on the item itself, there is no way outside of spawning a new dino in, from what I can see to allow a check of levels easily. You could always add in your own variable check for levels on dino’s, but outside of that, I can’t seem to find a way to be able to run a check on their levels.

I could be entirely wrong, so don’t take my word for it. You can do it selectively on certain dino’s sure, but again, I couldn’t find a way to run a check on levels outside of adding in your own variables to check this.

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  • Sinari

Mezzo originally pointed this out somewhere on these forums, but I just recreated it from my fence mod.


PrimalItem’s don’t have access to the Cast to PrimalDinoCharacter node from what I remember, which would make his item tricky to get working as he wants exactly. Alternatively, I believe he could access that node on the buff itself though, so that would be a work around. Structures have access to that node as well.

Doing it on the buff will probably be needed regardless, at least some replication would be needed I feel to do what he wants to, and buffs, as was discovered with UI’s, solve replication issues for things that generally don’t have that ability.


How I see it working would most likely entail using the Apply Other Buff to Dino’s, setting the range, and with the buff to apply, on Event Begin Play, getting the owner of the buff, casting to primal dino, getting the level from the status component, and conditonalling the integer it returns if it’s greater than X to spawn some particle emitter or however you would handle that.

Or at least something like that.


I had it up to Event Begin Play, where I was using Is Dead to control the buff’s particles. With the image you posted I was able to get it to read and print the dino’s level. Thank you so much.