Temaran Widgets


Temaran here, I recently decided to package one of my util modules and put it on the marketplace. If you want a good way to visualize input bindings dynamically, or do other cool stuff with text blocks and grids, this might be interesting to you.

Temaran Widgets is a library of tools and UMG widgets that are intended to offer useful functionality beyond what is available in the base engine.

For now, the package contains an **extended rich text block **that supports in-text rendering of text with custom size and color, hyperlinks, input bindings, images as well as arbitrary UMG widgets.
The text block also contains a powerful *pre-processor *that will allow you to create text styles, conditionally add and remove text, create user customizable character names and otherwise arbitrarily replace text symbols.
The package also contains a new grid type that allows you to specify rows and columns with fixed pixel measurements, rather than relative ones.

I’m intending to add more widgets to this package depending on popular and personal demand, and any time I do, owners of the package will receive the new widgets to no extra cost.

I am also creating a complete options package based on these widgets that will be added to this package when it’s done. Owners of this package will also receive this options package with no extra charge.

Tutorial videos can be found here:

And if you think this might be for you, you can find the plugin here:…emaran-widgets

Best regards,