Telltale Style Mouse Navigation in BP

I have a basic room scene with an angled perspective camera. I want my actor to navigate to the nearest spot on the floor to where I click the mouse button. My problem is with finding the floor location of that click.

I added a ConvertMouseLocationToWorldSpace node, added the two output vectors together and plugged it into the goal pin of a Simple Move to Location.

For some reason I’ve found that I have to multiply the World Direction by between 300-500 to get my actor walking at all. I don’t know why. None of the values get him orientating correctly.

Can anybody please suggest a simple way for me to get an absolute point on the floor that I can pilot my Actor to?

Here’s what I’m using at the moment, and the angled view being clicked into.


Got it! Turns out there’s a node for that. Get Hit Result Under Cursor By Channel.