Telltale Games needs your engine!

It is time for your Marketing department to get off its lazy ***, and increase this community’s size by getting Telltale Games on board.

The launch of Batman - The Telltale Series is a disaster. There are lots of complains that their engine is utterly broken.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see how this could have happened with UE4. Or why UE4 wouldn’t be the perfect engine for their needs. I own Tales from the Borderlands. All the “gameplay” in this interactive movie could have been done totally with Blueprints. You could always go and smash their rigs if they said no to Sequencer… :slight_smile:

Before I embarrasses myself. They are still using their own engine? Because if I recall, the last time(long time ago) I looked for the UE3 files system, I didn’t find a sing that they used Unreal. I only know that the Borderlands FPS RPS is using UE3.

Their engine probably works better for all of the platforms they support

Their own engine has their own tools optimized for generating the animations and quick time events that are their story telling mechanism.
Unfortunately, I find their animations to be among to most wooden and least physically convincing out there :frowning:
I guess that comes from having to crank out so many animations with few animators and tight schedule pressure.
I don’t see how Unreal Engine would improve that – it doesn’t have an amazing physically driven character animation pipeline that would help with that.

Yep, at least Tales of the Borderlands isn’t using any Unreal engine. I just had a look into the game’s folder.

Bummer, your are right. Their website says that an Xbox 360 and PS3 version is planned, too. Gosh, I thought those platforms are already as dead as toast.

UE4 may not improve animations, but I’m sure PhysX could improve special effects like explosions. Even UE4’s PhysX supports destructibles. If I recall, in the Tales of the Borderlands, the special effects looked ****. UE4 particles are certainly better. Not to mention the materials…

Yeah I do understand that if they got a more powerful engine, they also may actually have to create more assets in order to make use of that. But hell, this “game” is not a “game” but just an interactive movie. So it better offers something aside of a good story.

Send them our way, and we’ll be happy to help them get started. :slight_smile:

Not the answer I wanted to hear, but of course I will drop a thread on the Steam forums.

The decision isn’t exactly up to Epic…