Telling me I’m on my first day, been on two months

This is a repeated problem. I can’t fix some of my UE4 problems because of a 7 hour cool down I get. I cant reply to forum posts because it tells me “oh you’re so enthusiastic but you’re a noob so you can’t do anything”. This bug is extremely aggravating, I have a ton of read time compared to the amount of time I’ve been on these forums, many forum posts, I am definitely not new to this website. I also have that achievement for 10 consecutive days in the forums (which is impossible without being on for more than one).

Edit: they did it to me on this thread. Son of a

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It might be tied to the trust levels:


Not sure what it takes, though. There’s almost 4.5m basic accounts so it can’t be hard. According to:

Judging by your profile, you’ve exceeded what’s needed (long time ago!) unless there are additional rules we don’t know about. You may need professional help…

It did the reply block again. I need professional help from whoever makes and moderates these forums.

perhaps one day we hear them

I’m still trying to get mine to be lifted. I have an important question issue about development for the EGStore and my access to post to the Q&A is still denied. Have been using the old forum boards for a long while but this new one seems to have reset all the mileage we had prior to the update :frowning: Why all these privileges from the past are gone is beyond me.

Idk. They promoted my level to the lowest one three months ago, but they probably didn’t for many people. Wouldn’t it be wacky if the mods made the bots just work