Telling characters apart over network


Hi have a problem with my network telling my characters apart.

I have a simple swordfighting game, consisting of 2-3 players.

Upon creation each character spawns a sword and a shield as seperate blueprints. The char is assigned on a variable as owner of these.
When the sword is swung. The sword checks the ID of the characters, that it isn’t conflicting with the owner, and if not, assigning this as the target.
On the target char BP a blood emitter is placed, and Hp is deducted.

However, when playing two player, the widget of the character swinging is showing that this is the one losing HP.
When playing with 3, it may be 0, 1, or 2 losing damage based on which player i choose.

Thw weird thig is, the particle emitter is placed correctly evey time, even though the HP deduction and the eimtter is on the same event chain.

When using print strings, i notice that the actor name referenced as “Target” and “Owner” are different based on whether i look in the server or the client window. So i think this may be causing it, as when the client send a reference to the server, it doesn’t have the same name.

Is this a common thing in networking? ( I am rather new to this part of UE ), and what can i do to tell actors apart if i don’t want to run and endless amount of for loops every time i have to reference the actors?
Or is it me doing a blatant mistake?


Here are my weapons being ssetup.


Here is the hit calculation from my weapon.


And here the actor handling being hit.

Cheers :slight_smile: