Tell me you are not just deleting threads you don't like

I saw a rather interesting thread yesterday, discussing the constant changes in the engine and how it relates to the learning experience.

The OP, can’t remember who, was a little frustrated and was asking for advice.

I emphasized and suggested Epic should consider doing a basic video on the changes, when they move between major releases specifically targeted at new users.

**Coming here today and having a look, this post has disappeared from “my posts”, the thread is no where to be seen, and the search does not bring it up.

I really hope you didn’t Just offhandedly delete that discussion?

Yes it’s your forum, your rules, but locking a thread is usual if its not in line,
Deletion to prevent discussion is a pretty serious path to go down - especially as it was a pretty valid point, despite the tone.

Anyway as this is Feedback:

  1. PM, people if you are intending to delete their posts, and lock threads, not delete.
  2. Consider my suggestion which may help in this area.
  3. Just don’t :frowning: - Edit You didn’t so, apologies for thinking you would :o

i have never seen epic remove a post even the ones that downright slander them with no actual feedback so ill be shocked if they deleted it.

maybe the original poster deleted it?

I hope not too, but I have been on some forums that the moderation is really heavy handed.

I would have thought the OP deleting the thread, would still leave my reply in “my profile > post history”, but when clicked return error “thread deleted” etc.


I just took a look and that thread was deleted by the OP, they didn’t give a reason as to why though.

hope that clears it up for you:)

Thanks Smokey13 appreciate you taking the time to have a shufty.

Glad it was that, (need to keep in mind that all references to my own posts will delete along with any OP deletion. so I don’t get my tin foil hat out.)

So as not to waste the thread,
Really do think it would be a nice addition to the training Epic offers, to have a Transition Video, for new users, so that they can see any major changes and demonstrations as to what learning and practices are no longer relevant.

As OP demonstrated before departing - that kind of thing can be frustrating.

your welcome:).

yeah that’s one of the issues when a thread gets deleted but if you ever want to get a copy of a post from a deleted thread so you can repost it or whatever you can always PM one of the moderators and we can dig it up for you.

also forgot to say earlier that neither epic or the moderators will delete posts/threads randomly without a legitimate reason.

Hi Transmitthis,

I certainly understand your frustration. Please know that we do not and will not delete posts, especially those that may be critical of Epic or decisions that have been made, without it meeting a very specific set of criteria. We want to encourage discussion and developers expressing their opinions and will only delete a post if it has blatantly offensive material or otherwise grossly violates our Rules and Code of Conduct, which can be found here:

Typically, if there is content that violates our code of conduct, we will assess the situation and try to remove the content from the OP so their message can still be present while maintaining our rules. This may be accompanied by an infraction or a warning depending upon the severity of the message. Only in the most necessary of circumstances will a post be fully removed.

If you ever have questions about something like this occurring, please feel free to send myself or Alex Paschall a message, we’ll be happy to look into what occurred.

Well, everything in Epic documentation is getting version tag, so you know if something outdated or designed to work with older version of the engine. It includes even video tutorials on YouTube.
As for major changes they usually highlighted in advanced release notes in documentation like this so it hard to miss if we’re getting a new tool or pipeline/interface changes.
I mean, what else could be added to improve the experience? :slight_smile:

Thanks Adam,

  Just me being overly sensitive, and that post was a little disparaging about the ease of learning during changes, so when it was no longer there I went off on the wrong tangent.

Please accept my apologies, and don’t think about it any more, you have much better more interesting things to be getting on with Chrono Cross ?

You know, to be honest I’m not sure, That tagging is v useful.
Most learning resources and content is for older versions, and sometimes it’s difficult to know that what you are learning is the best use of your time.
I guess you have just got to jump in and start swimming, as your not going to learn how to dive unless your already wet.

I’m just pinning for more Epic tutorials.

No apologies needed, we’re happy to hear your feedback! It is important that developers tell us the things we could be improving so we can continue to better the overall UE4 experience.

Unfortunately my Playstation 2 is currently broken, so no Chrono Cross lately :wink: .