Teleporting with Character Movement

Hello all, Ive been trying to create a teleportation effect
While moving left or right, I would teleport a distance over the (one) wall the player is facing with an equal distance apart from one side of the wall to the other.
Ive been trying to simulate this with a actor that moves with the exact players movement but its not working.
I also need help inverting the actors movement, so when the player goes forward, the actor goes back.
Any advice or some sort of direction would help.

Use SetActorTransform on the player to teleport. To detect the case for the teleportation, you’ll probably need something like detecting collision or giving all walls trigger boxes.
You need to do some vector calculation and utilize the dimensions of the wall to set the new position. In essence, you’d take the player’s current position and then add the distance to the wall’s center to it twice.

Interesting,I will try this out tonight. Only part I may need help with is the dimensions of wall configuration but we will see. Thank you for the advice.