Teleporting rotation

Followed a tutorial and would like to adjust the characters rotation to face the opposite direction coming out of the teleport than he did when going in, currently it faces the same direction coming out as it does going in, i know it has something to do with Destination Rotation thing but when manually typing in a value the player just teleports with his body still facing the same way but half way through the floor. any help would be awesome.


I am new to the engine but arent you supplying the current pawn rotation to the Dest Rotation? You should be abel to split/break the return value from get actor rotation pin and invert the value of the appropriate pin the put it back toghter and supply it to Dest Rotation.
or have a look here:

This happens because you are using the exact position of Portal1B as your teleport destination location. This means the player origin will be put in the exact same world position as the origin of Portal1B. If you portal’s origin is on the floor, your player, which likely has its origin in the middle of the capsule, will have its center on the floor, so it will be half above and half below the floor.

What you have to do is use the X and Y from the destination portal but offset the Z by half the player’s height to compensate. Or, if the portals are at the same height, you can simply preserve the current player’s Z (split the pin out of Get Actor Location, make your adjustements to the Z, then ricombine with Make Vector).

Regarding the rotation, you can add 180 degrees to the current player’s rotation before feeding it into the Dest Rotation pin and this will ensure your player faces the opposite direction when teleported to Portal1B. Same as before, split the pin out of GetActorRotation, add 180 to the Yaw, recombine with Make Rotator.