Teleporting Players / Instanced Arenas /... Possible? UnrealScript?

Hey guys,

I’m currently studying for a bachelors degree in computer science with a focus on video game programming. Basically the only thing missing is the final bachelors project. And I’m currently thinking about creating an Ark Mod for the final project.

But as I just started yesterday to look into the Ark Dev Kit, I’m not sure how much is possible. I did 2 years ago a Team Project in the UDK3 where we developed a pvp tower defense game, which we completely wrote in UnrealScript. So its not the first time I touch the unreal engine. But I don’t know much about this blue print system etc.

So maybe you guys could start me off with some quick informations:

  • Would it be possible with the freedom of the devkit for example to teleport each x minutes 2 players into an area, for a fight to the death?
  • Would it be possible to have instances for this areas? (So for example, that 32 players could fight 1v1 in the same arena with their own instances of it)
  • Can I use UnrealScript for replacing game mechanics or do I have to work with this Visual Scripting stuff?

Thanks for any information in advance and sorry that I didn’t spent more time researching yet, before asking. But it would be cool to have a few hints which I should focus on first to learn.

  • Swarles

Swarles, this is definitely possible! You would have to do a “total conversion” mod, and most of it would have to be done via blueprinting. If you are experienced in unreal script, I think you will find blueprinting a fairly easy thing to pick up. It is slightly more clicking involved than typical scripting… but currently this is the only way we can modify the core game structure. The Devs have done a wonderful job of trying to open ARK up as much as possible, so there really is very little you can’t do.

I look forward to your progress with this project, and if you need any help, I am hoping someone in here will be able to help you.

Happy to hear that. And thanks for your quick reply. :slight_smile: