Teleporting Player Problem in Standalone Game

Hi ! I’me doing a teleport function to make different player spawn as well as standard teleport on my map. I’ve done something like this :

It works perfectly fine in the Viewport. However, when trying to test it on a Standalone Game, something strange happend and the character fall through the ground (which doesn’t happend in the viewport test). The “Teleport” node Return value is true. I’ve tried changing “Teleport” for a “Set actor location” but the same happends, the character fall. Also, it seems that the character isn’t falling from the teleport start or end, but from another random point of the game (always the same)

I haven’t tried to do an executable file but I fear that the same happend… Any idea about what is happening or way to solve/avoid this ?

Thank you for your answers


Instead of getting the Sprite Component of your TargetPoint1, try doing a Get Root Component and then getting the world location of the root component and plugging that into the teleport node. Let me know if that helps.

Have a great day

Indeed it worked ! Thanks a lot ! Is it possible to get an explanation on my mistakes ? I am not really sure about it. Is the Sprint Component only the picture and is “stored” at (0,0,0) or something?

The Sprite Component does not have a world location, because the sprite does not actually exist in the world. It is just there in the editor to give you a visual representation of where your target point is located. Getting the root component gives you the “main body”, so to speak, of the target point, which you can then get the world location of in order to use it to teleport your player.

Hope that helps