Teleporting my character wont set the correct rotation


Ive setup a blueprint system to teleport my character around to 4 different locations based on the location and rotation of 4 dummy objects (see image below). The teleportation works fine in terms of location, but it doesnt seem to take the rotation of the dummy object.

I feel like the virtual joystick interface might be overriding it, but im not sure how to change that. I cant delete the virtual joystick interface, because i actually need it to look around. I just want it to start with the dummy object’s rotation each time it teleports, and then have the virtual joystick take over from there.

Thanks in advance!


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Alright, figured it out myself. Apparently the rotation is controlled by the controller, not the dummy object.
Ended up using this chain of nodes:
‘Get Player pawn’ → ‘Get Controller’ → ‘Set Controller rotation’ and connected this with the dummy rotation output.

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Thank you very much! Very useful to me