Teleporting left and right

Hi all!

I am trying to recreate a flow graph from cryenigne 3 into UDK 4 blueprint system.

The (script) allowed the player to jump back and forth by a pre selected distance.

Here is it written in more coding english. Player presses (key) player jumps 100m forwards, Player Presses (key again) player jump 100m backwards.


This is one way to do it, try this:

Go into your character blueprint,

Choose a key you want to use to activate your teleport.

Drag out the pressed and type in flip flop.

Then Drag out the A output and type in Add Local Offset. Put in the value of 200 in x.

Then drag out the B output and type in Add Local Offset aswell, but put in the value of -200.

Thanks Tesla!

That worked dreams!