Teleporting BP errors, need help!

Okay so i recently purchased a Teleport BP from the marketplace and although i finally got it all working, it has these errors pop up after i exit out of play in the editor.
If i play as offline, no errors.
If i play as listen server, no errors.
If i play as client, i get the errors.
If i play it on my dedicated server, i get the errors on the server console.

Im guessing there is an issue with multiplayer compatibility? I need somebody who’s much more knowledgeable about this to give some input as to whats going wrong. I’m still new to blueprints so please explain this as if you were explaining it to a child :stuck_out_tongue:

The issue happens the moment i walk through the portal. Before i could re-appear i exited out so that it wouldnt trigger even more errors of the exact same type but just from another section in the blueprint that looks nearly identicle as those in the pics below. Is it maybe just missing an authority kind of switch and thats the issue?

So here are the errors in question.

Here is the first set it points to as well as an image of the code that the highlighted errors point to.

Then we have the 2nd portion of errors, a top and a bottom.

.In those 3 pics above, the 3 errors highlighted are the top 3 (set color, float, float) while the bottom 3 are the 9 errors highlighted that are each called 3x. Hopefully this is enough for somebody to notice something right off. I would greatly appreciate any and all help with this as the creator is waiting to know more as well. He doesnt know anything about multiplayer aside from that he had help from somebody else for the replicating part.

Access None typically means a variable is empty/null. Make sure your Color, Color Boost, Height etc variables aren’t empty.

Ya i had checked those and all have information in them so that wasnt the issue. After i google searched around for a while i learned often you need to place an isValid node in certain places. After letting the creator know, he was able to fix it. The code all worked fine and compiled fine beforehand, it was just throwing those errors after exiting play. Now its good.