Teleporting actor based on it's location

Hey! I’m really noob at unreal engine I’ve started learning it just now but I’ve my idea in my head and I know how to do it but I don’t know which events and stuff should I use. So basically I’m making a platformer which consists of 3 layers of gameplay put side by side like a shilouette. Now in this game you could move between this layers by pressing the up and down arrows. If you press up you get further if you press down you get closer. I want this to work that way when the player presses the given key the game would get the characters location on the y axis the x would be given because it’s a platformer game and the z axis is tricky because it would have to somehow get the coordinates of the layer which the character gets teleported on so it teleports him on the ground not in the ground. And at last how I block the character moving outside of the 3 layers? I know it’s a lot and maybe hard to understand but it would be a lot of help because I’m not really a programmer I’m mostly an artist but I love game making. Thanks for any solutions! :slight_smile:

Use a simple integer variable to decide what the current layer you’re on, change this accordingly as you enter a new layer. This is also used to prevent the player from entering/exiting a layer he shouldn’t be able to.

As for coordinates, you can use GetActorLocation.