Teleporter Question

I figured out how to make a teleporter blueprint, but my problem is, how can I make an ‘A’ teleporter and a ‘B’ teleporter that are linked, that I can move around a map? Right now my blueprint is very basic, and I can teleport between two static mesh components in the blueprint, but this means it is useless for level design, since it is all contained in one blueprint. I was thinking of a system similar to Halo forge, where I can place two teleporters and put them both on the same ‘channel’ so to speak. What should I look into in order to achieve this?


Similar principles that i outline in this video will apply to your request i believe.

Thats basically exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Do you know what I should look into in order to make the teleporter two way? So I teleport to the location, but I could turn back around and walk into the teleporter and go back to the original location?

Just point 2 teleporters at eachother. That will essentially create a “2 way” teleporter.

Be careful you dont run into a situation where your constantly being teleported between them though.