Teleported - MegaJam entry with some post jam tweaks

VR playthrough with all the shortcomings of the game. It works in regular 2D mode as well.

In short the game is a mix between Slenderman and Amnesia with a teleportation mechani,c not too dissimilar from Epics Bullet Train demo, set in a maze like space station.

My main goal was to, well build a VR horror game for the rift as I have not done one yet and to focus on tension rather than gore. Doing it from a first person perspective as horror experiences work best that way but not with the regular movement mechanics as they do not go well with VR.

The only way you can move around in the game is teleportation. Teleportation is instant, but you teleport to a projectile that you shoot out. The projectile is constantly accelerating. This means the later you teleport to your projectile the faster you move but at the same time the closer the monster gets (yes there is a monster in the game).

To progress you must open valves found in the level, open them all to escape. (I’d would have liked to have puzzles as well, but that would work much better with motion controls and would not fit in the gamejam timeline)

Headphones very much recommended! Also note: Volume is high enough when you start hearing the character breathe :stuck_out_tongue:

Left Mouse/Controller Left Trigger to interact,
Right Mouse/Controller Right trigger to use teleporter
(once to shoot teleportation projectile and second time to spawn on it),
W, A, S, D/ Controller Left Stick to lean(2D only use your head in VR),
A,D or Controller Directional Pad to rotate view in VR mode.
Enter or Controller Back Button to recenter view in VR mode.