Hi, you can do this by using “Set actor location” there are also options to sweep or teleport the actor.

I’m trying to make a level reset thing, where when you hit a trigger of some sort, it teleports you back up to the spawn platform. I know I’m probably being stupid but I don’t know how to teleport, whenever I try it just doesn’t do anything.

Thanks! I have this, and it’s not working, I don’t know if I have the trigger set up wrong or something?

There’s actually a teleport node, just saying:


Here is a tutorial made, might help you with this. Also, did you try printing a string after the “Set Actor Location” node to see if it even registered?

Yes, I was trying to figure out how to use it, still kind of having trouble.

Trigger volume works pretty well:

Image from Gyazo

Thanks for all your answers so far, I probably didn’t define what I was attempting to do well enough. I’m trying to make a respawn sort of thing where if you miss a jump and fall down, instead of falling infinitely, you get teleported back to the top. Sorry I didn’t specify before! The tutorial helped but I’m having a problem where it’s working once and then I just stand on the platform. Plus, I’m looking for more of a one-way teleportation than 2 ways. Again, thanks!

I’ll try this tomorrow but I think it’s what I’m looking for, thank you!