Teleportation from character blueprint, not level.

so im trying to figure out how to place an object in a map with a button press, then press the button again for a teleportation effect to the object then destroy that object.
this is what i have so far:

So the issue im having is trying to pull the second Blueprint’s vector (tel_anchor) through the BP system.

just fyi i know you can go through the level BP and make a static item to teleport to, but i need the player character to be able to set the item then teleport to it as a result of a key press.

promote the actor that you are trying to spawn into a variable (spawnedLocation). Don’t use flip flop, use a is valid node. If the variable is valid then you will teleport, if it is not valid you will spawn the object.

After you have teleported destroy the actor (object you spawned) and set the variable to empty.