Teleport using a button in VR

I am very new to unreal. Iam trying a small project in vr for HTC Vive. Basically a walk through in VR by clicking on buttons. By pressing a motion controller button the preset buttons for teleport appears and when pressing the button with motion controller, the vr camera gets teleported to a specific location on the level. I tried few things with colliders but couldnt achieve the result. can anybody help with this? One more question is do i need to setup game mode override for this?

You should first try looking through the VR template. When you make a new project look for VR template.

Hi Skeenton, Thanks for the reply. I tried with the VR template. Basically it works with nav mesh for teleportation. I wanted to use buttons instead. Dont know if its right. But the idea is to make the user to teleport to preset locations and not to entire level. Thanks again.

Very simple to do if you know how to make collisions and overlaps. Make an actor called TeleportPoints or whatever. Place them in your world. Make a trigger for them (ie. motion controllers makes a collision with it) then when a button is pressed get the location of that TeleportPoints and set the actors location there.