Teleport to AI in range

So i want to make abbility in my game where you can teleport to enemy.
For example there is range i can teleport like 2000 units and if AI is in range i can teleport to it. I press key 1 and i am next to him.
And if there are a lot of enemies i can target to which enemy i teleport to.

Can some one help me please?

What exactly is the problem? The “Teleport” node? How to select the enemy?

i know how to teleport forward pressing the button now i need the option to select ai who is in range to teleport next to him.

for example, i am runing somewhere i see enemy if he is range i can press button and teleport to him and only to him.

First person, third person, top down … ? How do you “see” the enemy?
What if there is more than 1 enemy in range? Is the selection based on distance to you, mouse click, … ?
LineTrace perhaps?

Third person
I dont know what this means ‘‘see’’ enemy. It would be nice to select one enemy and it shows some kind outline around him.
If there is a lot of enemies teleports only to outlined one. You can select which to teleport to by outline.
i was watching tutorial about lintrace teleport but it sets distance where you aim to teleport. i want to select any enemy and if in distance teleport to him.

Here it’s a simple solution, that uses the node “Was Recently Rendered” with a low tolerance.
The steps are easy:
1 - Get all enemies on sight
2 - Deselect any previously selected enemy
3 - Randomly select a new one (change this one for whatever system you want … a sequential one perhaps)

Here is the BP:

The nodes “Select” and “Deselect” are functions or custom events in your enemies, that in your case, should add / remove an outline

So you made enemy chooser, thats is nice!

About selecting and deselecting can i use Bp from this tutorial?
And where how can i make teleporting part?

Teleport part (in the same BP as the enemy selection):

As for the outline, yes, if you can make it work.

Very nice. Thank you so much i will test this out!