Teleport/ start animation with button/ exchange objects/ blueprints help needed

Hey guys,
I’m quite new to the whole blueprints thingy and terribly stuck right now.

What my Project looks like:
I’m building a little exhibition room with several imported maya objects which were already animated in maya before. Chairs etc.
These models will be placed alongside the walls of the room and no animation should start automatically when I start the level.
In the middle of the room is a little round stage with buttons next to it.
The player cannot move and can just be next to the stage and it’s buttons.

What I want to archieve:

Part 1:
When the player is pushing button 1 one of the maya models should be teleported to the stage and start to slowly rotate.
When pushing button 1 again, the maya model goes back to its former place and the second maya model teleports to the stage.

Like this:
no model-> push 1:first model appears >push 1: next model appears> push 1 … > push 1: no model > push 1: first model appears…

Part 2:
On stage is one of the maya model rotating
When pressing button 2 the individual maya animation should be started and not looped.

I did several unreal blueprint tutorials but I have absolutely no clue how to solve my problem
I do not want you guys to do the whole job for me, but to push me in the right direction, though I do need a lot of help
A LOT OF HELP XD :smiley:

Additional information:
I hope you don’t have any trouble reading my post. I’m german and my english language skills aren’t that good. sorry :slight_smile:

Here’s the easiest way to do anything like you’re doing:

  1. Put the player start in front of the control panel (facing the control panel).
  2. Place down all your assets into the scene as you need them.
  3. Open up the level blueprint (see image 1).
  4. Go back to the level viewport and select an object you need to reference (a button on the control panel or one of the models to teleport) (see image 2)
  5. Go back to the level blueprint and right click, look at the top of the menu and notice the option to get a direct reference to the object (see image 3)
  6. drag off from your direct reference to get all your relevant nodes and PROFIT
    here’s an example to make binded events in the level blueprint (see image 4)
    typically you would build an actor for all of your programmed needs, but working in one blueprint sometimes makes things much easier
    Hope this gets you on the right track.

edit: I don’t know how useful event onclicked is, you’ll have to research that.

Hey NotSoAccurateNo1,

thanks for your Answer and especially for your example pictures.
I gonna try out a little bit and share my project then (Screenshots and stuff)

Thanks again
You’re awesome