Teleport Setup Help

Ok, so as you can see I’ve been working on a blueprint teleport using the set actor relative location with the sweep setting on to ensure that you don’t get stuck inside walls or fall out of the map. This setup was fine before, but now I want to use it to go through certain walls/floors/ceilings, so can I have the sweep ignore certain things that I designate? And if so, what would be the best way to avoid getting stuck within those objects you mark as passable?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Make a check before teleporting to see if there will be a collision, and if so, don’t teleport! i.e, a single line trace in the direction of your blink, and if it detects collision, have the ability fail in whichever way you deem appropriate.

You might want to use an Overlap check (e.g. ComponentOverlapActors using the Character CapsuleComponent) at your destination, rather than a Sweep from your current position.

I’m not too familiar with setting something like that up properly, could you explain it a little more? Here are some pics of my setup if that helps you explain how I should get this going:

Alright got a little farther along with it thanks to you guy’s advice, but I still haven’t been able to figure out how to stop you from getting stuck inside the passable objects when the blink target is inside them. So if anyone can help get me through this, I’d be happy to learn.

Bumping for help, not really sure what I’m doing wrong :confused:

Got it working sorta atm via the overlap actors, but it seems to have an issue with scaled objects (This turns out was what was causing me so much trouble). I used the basic architecture wall for the test, and scaled it into a cube shape. You can then pass right through it, but when it’s unscaled the teleport won’t transport you inside it (Which is good).

So what’s different between the scaled and unscaled wall that makes this stop working right?

Not sure of the difference detection wise between scaled and unscaled, that might be a better question for the Answerhub.

If you’re still working on this, I’d like to pick your brain - I have a similar mechanic, and while I can teleport just fine and detect collisions, I can teleport past the boundaries of my level, i.e through the floor and the walls. How did you overcome this?

hey ik this is super old but i was recently struggling with this also all u have to do is make a line trace that sees if theres any walls in the way and at the end of the line trace do a second one that shoots down (i use a capsule under my character to do that) to check if there is a floor under u if not dont tp that should help ur going out of the bounds of the world problem!