Teleport problem

Hi, last days i´m working on my school project in UE4 and have some question,but can´t find answer anywhere. In my scene, i have 6 teleports, for imagination 3 in “class A” and 3 in “class B”. What i want to do is, when i use more teleports from class A than class B, i will unhide some object in scene. So if i use 3 teleports in A, but only 1 teleport in B, object is visible. If less Teleports from A than B, it is not.I tried some blueprints/like compareint…/ but nothing worked and i´m pretty frustrated, cause deadline is coming and i cant solve this. :smiley: Maybe it´s ridicolous but i´m begginer so can someone help me pls? Thank you so much /and sorry for my english :D/

After your teleport event you can just count up some integers and you can compare them.
A screenshot of your project would be nice too.

I can try to recreate your project later and then I can give you more precise information.
Or is it already too late?