Teleport Player?

How do you teleport the player character in an fps game around the same level?

Set-Actor-Location / Add-Actor-World-Offset / Teleport node etc…
I believe there’s even a free Portal project in Community Tools. :stuck_out_tongue:
Remember to tick Sweep on BP node for obstacle checking etc…

many thanks mate!

I can’t get this to work I’ve tried set actor location and rotation and the teleport node, I’m obviously doing something wrong, I’d really appreciate some help mate!

This is how its set up:

Do you need to check the Teleport box?

Apparently rotation doesn’t work

Hi, did you find a solution? I can teleport my FPS Character to my desired position but I can’t specify the rotation I want. Is there any solution to this ? Thanks.

You have to turn off “use controller rotation”, it’s in either the class defaults or the movement component.