Teleport Player using an offset after Teleportation

Hello Guys!

I am trying to do some teleportation through portals in unreal.
Everthing is working fine so far.

Yet I want to move the player with an additional offest after teleportation in the direction the exit portal is facing, so that he does not end up “inside” of the exit portal.

The “Target” is the portal static mesh.

No matter the portal rotation though, the Forward Vector always ends up being (0,0,-1).

Did I do something wrong while creating the Static Mesh Actor?

Thanks for any answers!

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Not sure, but you are getting the forward vector from a scene component which might be returning a relative value. Maybe try GetActorForwardVector.

Hey, thanks for your answer!

I already tried the Actor Forward Vector in the beginning with sadly the same result.

Could you share some screenshots of the portals in level and blueprint viewport?

[EDIT] Also, the offset can be applied as simple as this :

Another thing you could try is.
Add an arrow component to the portal actor where you would like the character to transport to. Then just get the world location of the arrow instead of trying to get the forward vector of the portal mesh.