Teleport on static mesh actor

Hey there, a simple question here, but I am still struggling:

I want to teleport myself onto a static mesh actor. The inherited static mesh component is given a complex collision, Can Character Step Up On is true and I chose the PhysicsActor collision preset. However, my character is not able to teleport on the actor.

As pawn I am using the VR template VRPawn. The given actor is a truck, so the load bed is big enough for a player to stand up on.

Could it be that complex collisions are not supported for this feature? Or did I forget something? Thanks in advance!

How are you actually attempting the teleport? Blueprint?

What do you mean by attempting the teleport? I am using the BP_MotionController and the VRPawn where I haven’t changed anything regarding the teleportation function. Do I have to specify something in there?

Have you made sure your NavMesh encompasses the truck bed? You won’t be able to teleport unless the Navmesh is on the object.