"Teleport" not TP everyone

I’m making a multiplayer game, and I need all players to TP to the location at once. Everything worked fine utill I tested it with a 3rd player, and I found out it’s only TP 2 players.
Thats how it’s TP, by the way:…77/unknown.png

(I also added a 4th player, and it’s 100% only TP 2 players)

@Nonecares. Does it work when you disconnect the ‘unload stream level’ node? I’m assuming it hasn’t finished TPing your players before you do the unload.

This is because the compiler knows how the end of the loop is going to happen before it actually gets there, so runs the ‘Completed’ node anyway.

Just tried it, it still only TP 2 people.

I found a way to work around it, but teleporting one player at a time isn’t even working anymore. It works fine for “client 1” when testing, but when anyone else tries they get teleported…
and get stuck in place.
When they try to move they jitter back to the teleport location (aka: the target) and after a second or two they get taken back to the teleporter.
I THINK it thinks the player is still on the button, so its teleporting them back to the target, but the player isn’t.
(I might upload a video/gif soon)

TP blueprint: (Incase I’m stupid and I’ve just messed up the blueprint)…06/unknown.png
(Btw, it’s not meant to load the Stream Level when TP anymore)
Edit: I tried moving the Triggerbox when the player’s being teleported, it didn’t do anything

@Nonecares. Do you have teleporters at both ends? That will cause loads of problems…

@ClockworkOcean I do, but the target’s not close enough for the player to press it after being teleported
Edit: Just tried:

No one teleported. I’m so confused

I got it working!
After some… weird searches I found:…rting/d5szc3y/
And after realising “imafraidofjapan”, also mentioned to try connecting TP target to “Other Actor”, I tried it (duh)… and it worked! (Btw, it did work for everyone)
Thank’s “imafraidofjapan”, very cool. (ok that sounds really dumb if you don’t get the reference)

Are you sure that it has nothing to do with the fact you are calling the teleport node on a client side event? I always call teleports on a server event.