Teleport Camera Object using Keystrokes


I am new to Unreal and having a hard time achieving this. I have an Architectural project that my firm wants to show to a client. It is a very large space and we want to give them the ability to look around the area/space.

What I would like to have is when they start the game the position of the player is locked. They are not able to move position but they are able to look all around their fixed point with the mouse. I would then like to press a keystroke (ex. 1) and then they teleport to a new area where they are once again fixed in a position but they can look around. They would then hit the next keystroke (ex. 2) and so on.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to do this? I have found tutorials and tried using keystroke teleport but I cannot seem to get it to work.

Thank you

Maybe you can give my DynoCamera tutorial a shot.

In essence, forget “camera object”, call it a Camera Actor.
you create an actor blueprint that contains the settings for the camera, and you can then define a way to transition from one camera to another.

To make it work how you need, you have to set up a base actor that uses control rotation for the camera to look around, and teleport the actor around the different areas, or create multiple versions of the actor to posses.
You will actually need to posses the actor (something the tutorial doesn’t really cover) in order to use the control rotation.

Its not overly complicated, and realistically you will only benefit from the camera creation portion of the tutorial.
particularly the one in which the cameras are set and used within a character.

if everything in archviz is the same as for the rest of the engine you shouldn’t have much trouble.