Teleport between maps, Metroidvania game

Hey guys!

I have a question about maps/levels on a metroidvania-style game (like Castlevania).
Let me explain with a example.

I have two maps. The A map and B map. So, every map have a start and end point, like this:

A map •start__________________end•
B map
•start_____________________end• •start__________________end•

So, as you can see, the end of A must connect to B start (and B start should connect to A end).

Thinking at this point, I knew that using a Open Level node on a Level Blueprint will not make this connection like I need. So, will I need to use a Level Streaming? And, if I use it, I’ll need to make all my game through Level Streaming? Or there’s another way to do a kind of teleport between maps where I can select the points to start?

That’s all. Sorry for this basic-noob question (I’ve looked for tutorials and answers, but found nothing).


Got it! Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

yes you are right, with level streaming and world composition you can load both worlds in and just teleport to the specific locations. you can also create a persistent transition area to unload unneeded worlds. in the launcher under the learn tab inside content examples you will find a level streaming tutorial.

you are welcome :slight_smile: would you vote it up then and mark as answer?

Did it, hehe. :smiley: