Teg's Playground

ey up

A few of you may remember Teg’s Playground from UDK days (way back when)
here is some downloads:

Multiplayer, the server browser doesn’t work any more but you can still join an IP…-multi-edition

Single player with unlock-able mini games


It only had a couple of k downloads but the feedback i got was great, people enjoyed playing it despite ‘programmer art’ and the odd glitch (some were intentional and added to the mayhem)

so the question i have i hope some will answer,

would you like to see another iteration of this game?
bearing in mind it was only 2 people making this in these versions, there may be more if there is another

i dont want to give anything away what i have been up to , i want peoples (gamers and developers) opinion, whatever that may be, as honest as you like

thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply