Tegleg Script Vault

ey up

i see the old udk forums have vanished and all that good info and code has gone forever.
some people still use udk, and why not its a good engine.

so here for anyone to scratch their heads at, pull apart and maybe gain some valuable knowledge, are most of the script files that go to make up Teg’s Playground
(video for non multiplayer version, shows more of the things in the scripts)
unfortunately the multiplayer matchmaking system no longer works but feel free to Download the game and mess around with all the nonsense in there anyway :slight_smile:

here is a zip file containing 802 unreal script files

there were many many ace crazy things that didnt make it into the game for one reason or another
be aware that some of them will be experimental things, some will be broken things, some will be other peoples things they gave away, and some will be awesome things

thats it
have fun

thanks tegleg,your code has helped me more than you could ever know already.

are you still using any game engines?

Good to hear from you again teg :wink:

The old udk forums havent vanished.They just last for a week,and appear when someone requests it…

But there looks to be a bug there.I spoked with Stephen Ellis two times when they just shut and he did contacted the web team and in a mater of hours they were back again.Since last time (two weeks ago) he told me that it was a temporary fix and from what ive experienced a fix like that only works for 1 week.Ive been reading your stuff there teg just before they went down again a few days ago, so i can assure you,all of your code is still there :wink:

The problem is,i think the unreal web team just doesnt put enough effort to solve the 1 week only udk page and im getting embarrassed from my threads defending that forum,and i need it.

If you guys want,please contact Stephen(a really cool dude by the way) and ask him to put some pressure to the site manager as it looks like he doesnt do enough to fix the issue and we currently only get the front udk page and not the threads.

Like 661Gaz, big thanks Tegleg, excellent source of code references and helps.

Thanks! are you working with UE4 now ?

no probs everyone

i look at ue4 now and then to to play with new features and stuff, ue4 is great but…

im working on another teg’s playground using unity (for many reasons i dont need to go into here)
a long way off a release yet but expect the same kind of thing but a lot more of it :slight_smile: