Technique to dynamically load far away objects on demand (come near to them)?


This is my first post, and I’m new to UE. So sorry for my inexact question :wink:

I know that in open world games far away objects are simplified or even just then loaded, if the avatar comes nearer. I don’t know how
this is called. But is there any pre-developed concept in the UE?

And in My case I have one big 3D model of city streets (as wavefront *.obj). If the first answer is yes - how do I apply this on my model?
Or should I try to devide it in smaller pieces myself?

Is there any tool to do that in a batch manner?

thanks in advance!


So is the question bad? Shell I reformulate?

What you described is called LoD (Level of Detail) and you can have as many LoDs for a single mesh as you want. Each LoD comprises in two different things: a less detailed mesh version (less triangles) and you can also associate a completely different material (more simple) to each LoD.

The logic inside the engine will use a different LoD depending on the amount of space it occupies on the current screen frame. By default LoD0 (zero) will use the most detailed mesh with the list of material assigned to it.

You will want to research by Level of Detail in 3D modeling and how it is done when importing into UE4, in case you want yourself to define each LoD. The engine has thou a built-in LoD generator, which will simplify your mesh, hopefully in the best way, but in the end you will want to define LoD1 yourself and let the engine generate LoD2 and 3 with the built-in reduction system.

Also see Level Streaming.