Technical support


I am going to buy 2 months subscription however I found there are no technical support for the same.

I would like to know what things you do not cover under technical support, which would be a great help for me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ajay

its a 3 month subscription if mean the 99 EUR version :smiley:

The (no) technical support is this forum, so not get direct 24/7 email/Skype/remote access support, but if get in issues we will help you out here. And as can see we are pretty quick in responses and guiding.


the technical support for versions which include support is 1:1 support (email, Skype,…) or tickets which are available for such users in MY. Tickets are time controlled so that response is smooth.

Otherwise there is this forum, which is available for every body. Please feel free to contribute.

Perfect, many thanks for your reply :slight_smile: