Technical question : 7 screens


We’re currently working on ONE large animation that will be projected on 7 different screens like this :


The first choice is to make it as a traditional splitted video.

But I’m wondering if we could make it as a real time rendered scene (for possible future interactivity).

And thus, use UNREAL ENGINE.

But, technical questions remain :

  • Would UNREAL ENGINE able to feed 7 different screens (a wide camera splitted in 7 parts, or 7 cameras very close to each others horizontally for instance)
  • Would it mean using 7 different synchronized computers ? (is such a thing possible, like synchronizing UNREAL ENGINE, and having multiple video cards ?)
  • Would it be possible to have One computer running efficiently to feed these 7 screens ?

I figure out that it may look quite impossible to achieve.

Thanks a lot for any tip or advices about it.



I don’t think you can run 7 screens on one machine
At my office though, we have a large touch wall running 6 screens on one machine using 3 Nvidia Quadro 4000 GPU’s, each running two displays, it uses Nvidia Mosaic to configure them to run as a single display. For good 3D performance though you’d have to get a better Quadro than the 4000 though

Do a forum search for threads about dev rigs etc.
@ryanjon2040 once showed off a 6-screen setup…

This is exactly how its done. I would even venture to push out a Quadro 5k series. You maybe able to run it from 2 of those, but, i would push min 3 and then test from there.

PNY Quadro P5000 VCQP5000-PB 16GB 256-bit GDDR5X PCI Express 3.0 x16 Full Height Video Card - Workstation -

and thanks a lot to all of you for your answers.

This was helpful.

You can do something like this: 7 Gamers, 1 CPU - Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log - YouTube

But easier is to create your app as multiplayer, and use one PC for one screen. Or make it flexible so you can connect PC and each can run 2-3 screens. I think there is not problem for unreal to run multiple game instances on same PC and connect them all like it was multiplayer.

So make it multiplayer and keep whole system flexible and salable.
You never know what your customer will decide when it comes to buying hardware.
They may have weird requirements now before they seen bill for hardware.

You can also use Matrix TripleHead2Go as illustrated in this link: