Technical Game/Level Designer

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What is Technical Design ?
Technical Design is the missing link between game design and engineering. The Technical Designer is the advocate of the designers when it comes to improving their tools and methodology. He can take multiple shapes during a production from defining tools needs, to create prefab content to fasten the designers’ work, while building technical documentation and training the team on tools and processes.

The goal is to reduce the friction in the daily work of the game & level designers so they can focus on their creativity, not on technical issues, to make better game content which can dramatically** improve the player’s experience.**

What I can help you with?
I can help you to formalize your game ideas into pragmatical design. We’ll improve your design process and communication process but creating a proper and usable design documentation that will have value during the production of your game. Stop writing tons of pages of unsued documents. Now is time to create a strong link between your design and your production team.

I can help your in improving the production pipeline for your designer but identifying the weaknesses of your tools and propose new solutions that will significally improve the productivity of your designers and level designers.

I worked 2 years and a half at Ubisoft as a Technical Designer on AAA PC/Consoles titles. I worked almost two years and a half at Eden Games on their racing mobile game title, Gear.Club. I also shipped two mobile games called ULTRAFLOW & ULTRAFLOW 2 (+7 million downloads)as personnal projects. I have a master degree in Game Design & Management from Supinfogame Rubika, the french leading school dedicated to video game careers.

Yet, I’m orienting my profile toward Technical Design (yeah, this is a thing). As a support role to the design team, I enjoy enabling other designers to do their job better. I tend to understand pretty fast technical subjects and I have a background in game design and level design which helps me understand the creative vision of a project and forecast the designer’s needs to make the game come true. I like to make myself the ambassador of the design team and be their advocate in discussions about workflow, tools and features.

So it makes me a good asset in a team, that will anticipate the needs and the use cases of tools , advice and propose creative technical solutions and of course, train the others designers on the workflow and the tools

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Who am I:

  • 5 years experience in the game industry on mobile and open world PC/Console games
  • Methodical, serious, efficient, pragmatical
  • Designed games played by millions of players
  • Master degree in Game Design & Management from top French video game school
  • Player-Centric approach

What I can provide:

  • Translate your game ideas into useful resources for your production (improve design documentation and rational design process) to ease the dialogue between designers and programmers and clarify what needs to be done and how, using AAA production knowledge and methodology.
  • Game Design & Level design consulting or freelance missions
  • Technical consulting
  • Help on workflow/pipeline setting
  • Tutoring for beginners on game development, level design and game design


Level Design

  • The most important: methodology
  • Layout design, Blockout, Building, 3D/2D
  • Events & interactive elements scripting (visual scripting)
  • World Design
  • Technical level design, workflow, optimization
  • good experience with UE4 open world tools

Game Design

  • Character, Control & Camera management focused (3Cs)
  • Feature prototyping (visual scripting)
  • Economic System design / Free-to-play
  • Good understand of game flow and player’s motivations

Previous Work:

  • Technical Level Designer at Ubisoft Annecy

  • Level Designer on Steep Road to the Olympics (mountain story design and scripting, snowpark & grind park creation)

  • Technical Consultant for MiscGames for Fishing: Barents Sea

  • Game & Level Designer at Eden Games (french game dev studio known for V-Rally, NFS Unleashed, Test Drive Unlimited), working on Gear.Club, their new AAA racing mobile game.
    Mainly car performance balancing & handling + track level design

  • Feral: Game Designer/ Technical Level Designer/ Project Manager: Feral is a hunting game in which you play as a feline animal at the first person view. Hunt and survive in imaginary and hostile environment.
    Feature Prototyping, 3Cs, world level design, world building, technical direction, Management of a team of six people + outsourcers.

  • ULTRAFLOW: Designer. Released in December 2014. Mobile Devices. Minimalist yet complex puzzle game based on your agility. No score. No timer.
    Over 4 Million users worlwide.

  • ULTRAFLOW 2: CEO & Designer. Releasaed in January 2016. Second game for the ULTRAFLOW brand. Released in January 2016. 1M players.


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Additional Information:
Can work in French or in English.

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