Technical Director, Level Designer

[CONTRACT] Technical Director and Level Designer

Project Title:
A Knight’s Quest: Spirit Shield

A 3D action/adventure game inspired by Zelda with a light-hearted, cartoony style and lots of humor. Check out this pre-alpha video to get an idea of the gameplay:

Light-hearted atmosphere.
Story-driven single player campaign.
Third person action/adventure gameplay.
Releasing on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

Team Name:
Sky9 Games Inc.

Team Structure:
Justin Goncalves (Programmer)
Programming & Game Design - 5 years.

Michael Sleva (Artist)
2D/3D Artist & Game Design- 5 years.

Previous Work:
Our work includes the Flash series: Raze, Seigius, and Strike Force Heroes as well as the iOS game Strike Force Heroes: Extraction.
This is our first 3D project but we have secured a publishing deal.

Talent Required:

In-depth knowledge/experience with UE4 required.
Adding cross platform support (controller/keyboard buttons) and resolution support to the already-created HUD

In-depth knowledge/experience with UE4 required.
Help with level design and finalizing maps to a polished/finished state.
Place foliage and extra details around maps.
Set up cutscene events (knows how to move sequencer cutscenes around)


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