Technical Artist

We are looking for Technical Artists to join an Award Winning visual design studio, for a name that is well known across the globe.

They are currently working across a variety of ground-breaking new VR & AR projects and are looking for talent individuals to help continue this progress.


  • Work with the CG Lead and Lead developer to design interactive experiences using Unreal.
  • Experience/Gameplay creation - Create interaction and functionality using Unreal’s Blueprints system.
  • Material Creation - Design complex materials in unreal and instruct artists on best practices for material creation.
  • Pipeline Management - Design, manage and maintain the pipeline from the artists through to deployment.


  • Extensive experience working with Unreal Engine.
  • Experience with Unity is also desirable.
  • Advanced experience of Unreal’s Blueprints system.
  • Comfortable range of content creation and also scripting skills are beneficial.

Hey @Henry.H are you open to working with a remote team or only individuals in house? We have tons of experience with UE4 and are always looking for new VR/AR project to get involved with.