we’re searching for the last member of our team. (principly of frenchs)

The project " Tales Of Phobos " is a 2.5D video game, with a lot of environnement (moutains, deserts) and vfx (like weather) to add a plus.

It’s a royalty position (due to our first game), nearby 7% of the selling with the costs included.

We got :

  • 3D artist who make animations, characters, foliages, rigging. (7+ y exp)
  • A programmer (gameplay, UI) (6+ years exp)
  • A sound designer (worked for ubisoft)
  • A composer (great for music)

We need :

  • You.

Your mission will be to make all the materials needed, change the textures to make a realistic environnement (try it), lightnings.

We can’t provide images/videos publicy cause of bad advertissement this could provide, the project is nearby to his demo (need to make the game balanced and rework some little things).
We have the assurance to be put on steam (we got the access to it).

If you’re interested or have more question :
Feel free to contact us :