Technical artist looking to work

I am hired and no longer looking for work

Hey soon I and Delacroix we are going to soon revive unofficially Jazz Jackrabbit 2 sequel(since circa estimate Anno Domini of years of 2021/2022. Do you mind to join us in to work together? Without IP title old licence knowledge of CCP,Tencent,People Can Fly and Epic Games(including their own lawyers and judges-very high money penalties in case of lawsuits). I drew royal children original unofficial designs of King Jazz Earlong-Jackrabbit and Queen Eva Earlong(Homey,Hiphop,Frizzle,Coldano,Waverly,Teknika Princes/Princesses. Drawn by me. My own cartoony aesthetics. Ancient very old indie game project forgotten by Epic Games and by time. Wanna see it now pal? Screw NDA,DMCA,copyrights infrigement I just wanna do this JJ3D game with all costs,no matter what for Epic Games not sell their own IP title to someone else different videogame company.

Administrators and Moderators will decide what to do with my posted comment just only what if scenario.

I’ve got even more unofficial,open source game projects.
Usually the most for instance as an example one Jazz Jackrabbit series project got cancelled like in Blender Artists forum.