Technical Artist / Level Designer - Atmospheric Camera Puzzle Game

Technical Artist and Level Designer needed


We are Drift Games, a team taking part in the UK governments 2017 Transfuzer game development competition. We won the first round of funding along with 22 other teams, and we are now halfway through building a 10 week prototype which will be submitted to a panel of industry veterans who will decide the winner. The winning team will secure additional funding, and every team has the opportunity to showcase their game at the Uk’s biggest gaming festival, EGX.


In Exposure, players explore a neglected industrial harbour town, which conceals supernatural mysteries behind its bleak brutalist facade. Players will learn to be creative with a camera and solve light based puzzles, in order to photograph divine and otherworldly events that can only be witnessed through its lens.

Skills Required

Technical Artist

  • Blueprint or Code underlying Puzzle Logic and Camera Functionality
  • Implementing animations and animation trees
  • Materials
  • Visual Effects for Supernatural elements
  • Optimizing game systems

Level Designer

  • Develop Level Whiteboxes
  • Iterate on Level design
  • puzzle design and iteration
  • helping to refine level flow, signposting and pacing
  • level art - dressing the scene with props
  • environmental storytelling and world building

Ultimately we will be looking to expand our team permanently, but for now we would be interested in bringing in someone in either role for a period of 5 weeks.

If the position sounds interesting, please get in touch with me at****